We Remember Evan Hunter Gillette

Boots taught me about the 2996. Those who didn't make it out of the World Trade Centers on 9/11. The Mostly Black Cats always remembered one in particular, Even Hunter Gillette. Now I will remember the rest of my life, and Mom and Grandma remember him too.

From our original post.  in 2006.


Many have seen Evan's name on the list of victims of 9/11/2001. Like me, though, many probably had eyes blurred with tears by the time they got down the list to his name. The overwhelm of the far too many who died in that awful terrorist attack blurred the mind too.

The people whose lives were ended are the ones who deserve remembering, not the horrid people who killed them. The 2996 is about remembering and paying tribute to those people, their lives. Evan Hunter Gillette was one of those people. Evan, we remember you, and we honor your life.

Who was Evan? What was he like? That was what I went to find out, and what I'll share with you. I won't speak of his death. Just his life.

Evan was a gentleman from central Connecticut, a private man, a man who was determined, and a man who loved and was much loved by others. He was kind and helpful, remembered even by people he had helped at the bank where he once worked. He took family to "Mayberry" for ice creams. He wandered the Manhattan streets with his fiance Sherri looking for the perfect wedding ring while discussing babies. Helpful and modest, many he helped had no idea the extent of his help, as he liked to keep quiet about it. He was a hard worker, who worked not only for his career, but to help others and celebrate his family's history.

Evan loved nature and the outdoors. He was an Eagle Scout and he earned a high school varsity letter in cross-country. He loved cycling and mountain climbing. He even took trips, including one to Scotland, for rock climbing.

Evan did truly love learning his family history, not just in a theoretical way, but in a visceral, down to earth way. While learning about his family, he found the small town of Falls Village, Connecticut with a tiny cemetary where 26 relatives of the Gillette family are buried. This little cemetary was run down, the last Gillette family member having been buried 120 years ago. Evan took it upon himself to clean it up and keep it up whenever he was home from Manhattan.

Evan was a 1983 graduate of the University of Connecticut and received his MBA from the University of New Haven, with an MBA. He had also gone to college in Maine.

Evan worked as an investor at Centerbank, and then worked at the Federal Credit Union Association near Washington DC. Evan was then promoted to Wall Street. Though proud, Evan was at times overwhelmed by the size of New York, and the huge World Trade Center he came to work in. He overcame his fear, though, and worked on the 104th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. He worked at Sandler O'Neill & Partners, where he became Vice President.

Evan's family, as well as Sherri, still miss him, along with Evan's brother Earl, sister-in-law Cindy, and their daughters Katie and Maggie. Evan's parents still live in Woodbury, where Evan grew up.

Some other tributes to Evan's life include
and the Evan Hunter Gillette Memorial Scholarship Fund, a living tribute that will go on in the shining eyes of the young people who win this scholarship.

You can also visit tributes to all the others of the 2996 here.

Evan, you blessed your family and friend with your life. You bless me with this chance to learn about your life. You bless us all. May God keep you in the palm of his hand until we all meet again.

Originally posted 9/11/2006 and we still remember.


pilch92 said…
My heart breaks for all who knew him and all the others lost on that day. XO

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