I'm not a black  cat, but this was the House of the Mostly Black Cats for a lot of years before this badass cat came along. So I kind of thought I'd celebrate the Cats Who Came Before. Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day!
Chloe, Founder of HotMBC

    Sanjee and GeorgetheDuck

Mini (who would eat almost anything)

Boni Maroni

Pepi Underfoot with the bedroom eyes

Gree the Light Black Cat

Boots the "Orange is the new black" Cat

I loved Boots. He showed me the ropes around here and told me about all the other cats that came before. Mom and Grandma love all of us.

Purrs, Tango


I remember all of The Cats Who Came Before for Black Cat Appreciation Day. My boys would have agreed that Orange is the new black though.
pilch92 said…
Your family has had some beautiful black cats over the years.
Memories of Eric and Flynn - You are lucky to remember them all. I'm sure Eric and Flynn would agree that Orange is the new black.

pilch92 - Yes we've been lucky to have beautiful black cats and a beautiful badass tabby.

Ivan and Izzy - Badass Cats rule!

Purrs, Tango

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