Please send Mog lots of purrs

We have bad leaky eyes. We just heard that Mog's Meowza died suddenly today. Please send her lots of purrs for her sads.We sure will.

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We just saw that and are so sorry to hear.
Sparkle said…
That is very sad!
We are very sad to hear about Meowza.
Another icon of the CB has run off to the Bridge.
We are sending Mog many purrs and purrayers. Thanks for letting the CB know about it.
Love & Purrs,
Mom ML

Pee Ess: I am back now, with a working cell phone and "iffy" computer.
I tried several times to leave a comment on your blog and thought I did. But when I went back to check, it would not be there. Finally figured out *not* to login to Blogger was the way to make it work.
I left Deb's cell phone for you in a Facebook message, but since I don't know FB very well, I'm not sure you got it.
This was a nightmare in that there was a time limit on using the Marriott computers as well, plus many sites and activities were not allowed.
It was a terrible trip because my Aunt Dorothy is very ill and has no other family to care for her, and that Charles is under mental health watch 400 miles away. It makes the situation really tough.
Again, I am really sorry you had this thrown upon you at the last minute.
Thanks again for your assistance, you did a great job.
Mariodacat said…
We just heard about it too and are so sad.
We are very sad to hear this.

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