I is sorry stupid Mr. Linky is not workin on tha CB. I does not know why it not werkin. I did same fing as used to and it don't work now. Oh well.

I is VERY upset about folks act fussy about it and made Mommy ML upset about it, tho. She takes a baycayshun away from tha CB every year or somefin. It not her fault dat I don't know how to make Mr. Linky work rite now, and she deserve to have a time off wifout fussy stuff. It makes our eyes leak to fink of her feelin bad about somefin so triflin.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Pixel and samba said…
Sanger mom robin and the rest of the hotties. Things happen oops mr kinky is not working so well then no links for a few days. I sometime wish people who complain would in turn offer to help or understand more. Things happy please do not be sad. Pixel and samba
The Island Cats said…
Sanjee, tell your mom and ML not to worry about Mr. Linky. We didn't know peoples are that upset about it. We can live without Mr. Linky for a few days. Don't let your eyes leak anymore.
Sparkle said…
Aw, don't worry about a few nitpickers! We can all work around it until ML comes back. It's not the end of the world, after all!
Sumtimes Mr. Linky werks, sumtimes he doesn't! He's a fickle dood! No worries!
Samantha & Mom said…
Oh no!! We are so sorry you are upset Sanjee & ML, too!! We can do it!! Lots of hugs to you!! Mr. Linky goes AWOL sometimes and we make it through!! Thanks for helping while ML and Auntie Deb are visiting Auntie Judi-Bug!!
Hugs to Mom Robyn and ALL the Hotties!!
Your TX furiends,
Don't worry about it. We left our link in the comments and it was no problem. We really appreciate you taking over while Mom ML is away.

Truffle and Brulee
Max said…
People really got upset over something like Mr. Linky? Oh my gosh something interrupted their play time on the Internets! We must call the Internet police!

Seriously, it's not your fault if the thing isn't working, try not to let the jerks get you down...
Did someone just call Mr Linky Mr. Kinky? Now that was Freudian... And yeah. There are problems sometimes. And who knows? Maybe tomorrow the same thing you did today will work...
Hi Sanjee and Mom Robyn1 We said we couldn't see Mr Linky and left our post link in the comments yesterday. We hope it didn't sound like we were being fussy because if it did it wasn't intended, and we think you are doing a great job.
We all appreciate you and mom Robyn taking care of the CB while ML is on vacation. Were sorry people got upset with you over Mr. kinky Linky!
Cathy Keisha said…
Awwww, hugs and kisses. I didn't even go there yesterday. I was more upset that the CB didn't choose to Blog the Change because stopping animal abuse and helping rescues is very important to us.
We are sorry that you are having frustrating computer problems. These things happen every so often to remind us how cool all this is (when it's working).
Don't worry! We appreciate what you're doing.

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