Carnival of the Cats #401

Welcome to the November 20, 2011 edition of
Carnival of the Cats!

We has a mystery at the House of the Mostly Black Cats
Where did the cats go???
Well, there's lots of cats here.

Mister Crap (MOL! Laurence) presents 400 posted at 100 Word Stories, saying, "No way I'd miss this. ;) Thanks, -ls/cm"

meowmeowmans presents Photo FUN Friday - Derek saying, "Here's our post about Derek, and his beloved 'nip 'nanner. :)"

Sniffie presents Wordless Wednesday

Elisson presents PILLBUG PUDDY

meowmeowmans presents Easy Like Sunday - Concha and Julio saying, "Here's another one about Concha and Julio taking it easy."

Nikita Cat presents Tortie Tuesday: Hot Female Kitty Indulges in Some Heavy Male Bonding posted at Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, saying, "I'm a decent girl....honest. ;-D"

Nikita Cat presents Tortie Tuesday: Trippin' on The Light Fantastical, and Mysterious posted at Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, saying, "I am Elvira Mistress of Felinity, Light Chaser Extraordinaire!"

John says It's going around

Kashim & Othello sez Weekend Cat Blogging #337

Kashim & Othello sez more, We interrupt our regular non blogging for some announcements?

and more here...

Eric and Flynn sez "It is our Friday's Favourite Foto Flashback and we were checking out ladders when we were young boys."

MariodaCat sez Help needed (Dis is about Mommy, but Mario did it so... Not into dat? Dat is OK! bisit Mario here instead.)

Miz Mog sez Ritzi is taking it Easy Like Sundaty Morning.

Jan's Funny Farm has Ducks, TCC, Rusty and Percy on tape and on badges.

Cokie the Cat is decompressing after producing the Photo &V Video AAA's.

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick don't have nuffin at all to say. MOL

My HANDSUM and GRATE boyfriendcat Miles Meezer did the Monday Report at his house.

OH and here is most of the Hotties! We has been founded.

Mini, Boni Maroni, and Pepi are busy napping NOT in the comfy cat beds. MOL!
Gree is upstairs nappin on Mommy's desk in her normal spot.
Me, Sanjee? I is hiding under the black fleecy thing again so you can not sees me. MOL Want to come hide wif me Miles?

Billy Sweetfeets is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging so stop by and tell Billy hi and see even more kittehs!

Fanks for joinin us for tha Carnival. And fank you for helps and for purrayers and good wishes and everything. Mommy is slowly getting over her noomoanyah. Yay! We will stop by and say hi to alla our carnival friends as soon as we can. Mommy sez Mr. Noomoanyah is makin her take a nap like now. MOL

Past posts and future hosts can be found  at the Carnival page.

Purrrrrrrrrrrs n luvs,
Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House

PEE ESS. If your entry ain't here, let us know in the comments and we will get you up after Mommy's nap. We had sum teknikle issues and maybe didn't get efurrybuddy. Sorry!

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Thanks for hosting the CoC. We're glad you found the cats!!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie
Good to see you hotties! Thanks fur the COC!
Willow and I are glad that you found all the cats! And thanks for hosting a great Carnival - we didn't get home in time to join in but we are going to visit the other cats now! :)

Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Jans Funny Farm said…
Oh, there you are. We were worried for a moment you'd all been lost. Glad your mom is getting over her pneumonia.
Elvira Mistress of Felinity, here!

Great job!

Glad U R feeling better! ;-D

Just so ya know...

It was I who wrote our 2 entries, this week, not Mr. Nikita! ;-D

Sincerely yours

Anonymous said…
I just love all of your pretty kitties!
Hope your mommy gets better soon!

Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley
jenianddean said…
We just wanted to come by and give your Mom some purrs so she gets better faster. I love that picture of you three all snuggled up together. Mom wishes we'd do that, but separate corners of the bed is as good as it gets for us.
Anonymous said…
My cats NEVER sleep where they're supposed to. They have their own beds but whose bed do they sleep in? MINE! *pouts*

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