Getting Rolled

I heard on the tv about some guy getting rolled in an alley. I got rolled last night in the bed. Almost all the way on top of! Then I got jabbed with a knee and then an elbow. Then I got rolled again. I will have to forbid Mom sleeping on the bed if she keeps this up.

Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur


Getting rolled is just so wrong...
Random Felines said…
At least you get rolled. If we act bad enough at night, we get punted off the bed. Although mom did it the other night and Spud impaled her for her misdeed!!! (she has a 2 inch scratch on her foot to prove it)
Maybe your mom should sleep on the couch and let you have the bed.

Mom Paula
Unknown said…
Kizzie says: my predecessor, Copper, used to sleep on daddy's bed, on top of him but used to fall off every now and again. I tried it once, but I ended up in the spare room as he was a bit like your mum and wouldn't keep still. Humans eh?
We hear ya! TBT moves around entirely too much, and on a waterbed, that is really bad. We tend ta sleep against the frame in the corners. Those spots dont move much!
well it IS your bed MissesOthello
Samantha & Mom said…
Oh my gosh!! Getting rolled sounds like a lot of pain!! hehehehehehe!!
:::::waving paws to all the Hotties::::
Your TX furiends,
Gree, my human thrashes around so much in bed that I wind up in a little corner in my attempts to avoid her perpetual motion! SO not fair!
I haf to remind mom regularly that half of the pillow belongs to me. (the middle half is mine) Purrs.
WE get rolled, kicked and pushed off the bed. WE do nor understand why a king size bed is nor big enough for 2 humans and 3 cats!
Cathy Keisha said…
OMC! If a foot or arm comes anywhere near me, I bite for all I'm worth, and that's A LOT.

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