Meezer Colors Day

It's Meezer Colors Day! I am an Honorary Meezer because I meow like a Meezer. The Meezers said so! I am pretty much black all over.

This is a demonstration that my Honorary Meezer color - black - goes with everything. Girly pastels. Manly burgundies, even box and writing colors. Very handy. And handsome. Grandma says so.

Stop by the Official Meezer Colors Day post and visit all the Meezers with colors.

your bud Pepi
Pepi, Mancat of the House



Deer Sanjee - it's gonna bet HOT HOT HOT here today - does you want to come and sunbathe on the beach wif me?
You are a great Honorary Meezer! Kirby meows like a meezer, too!
Unknown said…
Black does go with everything. You are right there!
Mariodacat said…
Such a practical color & looks good on you.
And black is a very professional color. The Woman was just reading about logos.
Anonymous said…
Meowing like a meezer takes a lot of skill. And, your professional color goes well with every other color as well.

Happy Meezer Colors Day!
You make a very good honoury Meezer. Mum says I must have Meezer somewhere in my past because I holler like a Meezer.
Very good Honorary Meezer color, Pepi! It does go with many other colors.
Pandafur said…
You iz adorabulz an of course black is always apawpriate. You makes a purrfikt meezer!
Tamir says honorary Meezers are pawsome and he should know!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie
Don't worry about qualifying, Pepi - a lot of black kitties have recessive Meezer genes, and I am sure you are one of them!
Robyn Harton said…
Thanks guys. I'm honored.
your bud Pepi
Hi Pepi - you remind us of Floyd - he was pretty much black and floofy (he had some brown areas) but boy you could have thought he was a meezer from the way he would meow! We think your black furs are wonderful!
The Crew said…
Oh, I agree, Pepi. I'm mostly black with white on my belly, but I think black goes with everything.

Max S.
We thinks black looks pawsome here. We all has a little black in our furs. Mommy used to have jet black hair but we has turned it gray she says.

We heard it was Othello and Gree's anniversary and we wanted to wish them a Happy one.

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