Mancat Monday

Grandma Cat was gone one night this weekend. As mancat of the house, I have to look after everything when she is away. Mom can't do it alone.

I am in charge of:
knocking beds off the ledge
throwing litter to the moon
snuggling Boni Maroni so she is not cold
arranging THoE at multiple hours so Mom is not bored and lonely
patting Mom's nose to wake her up when she naps
protecting the WHOLE house from intruders
making sure the big door is open so we can see out the glass
tripping up Mom so she feels loved
inspecting when she goes to the human litterbox
keeping my sisfurs in line (this is impawsible, but I try!)
howling to make sure the food bowl gets filled in a timely manner
and lots more.

Now I need a week's vakayshun to get over all that responsibility.

your bud Pepi
.Pepi, Mancat of the House


I am quite glad that you were such a big help!
Kea said…
A week's vacation plus LOTS of treats, ham, chicken and tuna to regain your strength after all that work!

-Fuzzy Tales
Gosh Pepi, I wish I would have been there to help you out with all of your duties when Grandma Cat was gone, I'd have had so much fun doing everything on your list with you!
Luvs from your girlfriendcat Sabrina
Wow, Pepi! Thats a lotta werk fer one cat. You NEED a rest...
Mariodacat said…
Wow, you has a very important job with lots of stuff to do. I think you deserve a week of vacation when grandma comes back.
Pepi, you do need a rest after all that!
Phew! You must be exhausted after all your hard work Pepi.
Just Ducky said…
That was a lot of work Pepi. You do need to take a break.
Wow, Pepi - you DO need a vacation!

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