Mancat Monday

Well, Mom has been a not so hot typist again. Busy, yadda yadda (as she says). But she did put MY picture as wallpaper on her new phone. *beams proudly*

She must love me even if she is not a very good typist.

The Pepster

.Pepi, Mancat of the House

Pee Ess. Do any of you know where we can get a spare typist?


we would loan you ours, but she pretty much suks too. MOL.

nice cheezburger!
My mom is getting a little better about typing. I think she knows her annual purrfurmance is due.
My human needs to get back to typing for me too! Man. Humans need to stop being so self centered...
Hey Pepi! Great to see you!
Mariodacat said…
I've been trying to find a new typist for well over a year now. We're in the same boat pal!!
SeaThreePeeO said…
Bah! They're all the same. workshy and lazy!

Great picture!
Kea said…
Of course your mom loves you--and we love that pic!

AS for humans...Ours is pretty good about the typing, though there's always room for improvement!
YOu are lucky. Mom has not even put us on her PC wallpaper!
Cindy said…
Ours can't even do our blog justice! Good luck with that! Great picture.
My human knows that I am the priority here, fortunately. On the other hand, she has not made me the wallpaper on her Blackberry. She gets a fail in that department.
Harry Spotter said…
You are one handsome mancat.
Hee hee hee!!! Oh I love the cheeseburger!!
That looks pretty convenient ta have yer meats held between clean inedible breads like that! We love the idea...

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