Mancat Monday

The Mancat of the house gets to sit on top of the bookcase. Because he is king of all he surveys.

Except when one of his sisfurs throws him off.

Pepi, Mancat of the House


That sounds like a typical house to us - the sisfurs always try to take over!
Pepi Sweetie, you are ALWAYS the king for me! Don't let your sisfurs pick on you, show them who is the boss mancat!
Hugs and kissies to my handsome boyfriendcat,
And I can't wait 'til you pick me up so we can take that walk in your back yard, especially since it is yucky and rainy here today!
Angel and Kirby said…
At our house, we boys only think we rule. It is really Angel that rules
Pumpkinpuddy said…
The girl cats always have to be in charge. Don't boys know anything? MOL
Cindy said…
Rosie says girls rule the roost here.
The king always defers to the queen(s)!
Mariodacat said…
You girls got it all wrong - we guys rule!!
Ayla and Iza, said…
I allus think the royalty ends up at the top...

Yeah--that would be true in our house too...
Eric and Flynn said…
Glad we haven't got any girls bossing us around.

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