Today has been canceld

Cuz of a bad hair day. Or wuz it tha screamin?  I furgits. I's gonna nap til we gets to a not-canceld day tho. Like Toosday maybe.

Fanks lots n lots for alla tha purrthday wishes. I glad our purrthday was not today dat ben canceld. Dat wood be no funs.

 Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Wow! Today was canceled? So I didn't have to live it? Oh Man..
Mariodacat said…
I sure am happy you cancelled today, cuz it wasn't a very good day anyway. Thanks sweetie.
Mom canceled most of today. She did get moving late in the day!
Pumpkinpuddy said…
If today was canceled, why did Mom still go to work instead of staying home and playing with me? Next time make sure she gets the memo. I need more play time.
So I can still give you the birthday smoochies?

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