Tellin Yoo Toosdy

*Paws on Hips* Mommy dis is NOT rite! Yoo GOTTA stop bein so bizzy RITE NOW!

We JUST NOW founded out dat our speshul furend Cheysuli is feelin furry sik. If yoo hadda not been too bizzy fur us to bisit n blog we coulda started purrin and purrayin fur her alreddy. OH and Sniffie not feelin good neither n Shaggy too! And all our ofur furrends! If they stays sik cuz we has not been able to bisit n start purrin n purrayin alreddy it is YORE fault.

So stop dat bizzy rite now. We is goin to go purr n purray for Chey rite now, right a'fore our mornin nap number 7. Yoo better do yore Reiki fur her like yoo purromised. Or I gonna bite yore toes. HMPH!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty
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SeaThreePeeO said…
Bizzies have a lot to answer for.

We're purring and praying for Chey too.
I thank you for yelling at your person. Nothing makes me feel better than to know a human is in trouble on my account. Hopefully we will hear something soon. I am a little perkier than I have been and am actually willing to smell food now (although I am not much for eating it--but I did have a fishy flake so I showed some interest)
Our mom is the same way - sometimes we don't find out someone is sick til they are already better - moms! We bet she got the message loud and clear (and maybe you could yell at our mom too because she keeps on doing it!)
YOW!! you holler good!

would you come ofur an' holler at our mom? she needs a kick-start to get us back onna bloggie!!!
Can you yell at my Mom, too! You did a good job.

Our word verification is hotor, which it is here every day!
Pumpkinpuddy said…
You tell her!
With all of our sick kitties lately, it's very important for our moms to help us visit.
Sometimes the beans get too busy with other stuff, we know that so well ... sighs!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

I am sooooo anticipating our movie date, I hope it is a romantic movie so we can really do some big time hugging and kissing while we are watching it ... hee hee! You are the sweetest boyfriendcat ♥
Luvs from your girlfriendcat,
Woah, remind us to always be super sweet to you!!! (Like we'd need reminding *passing over catnip covered tunafish*)
Mariodacat said…
Hi friend - I'll help you out by purring for your sick friends. purr purr purr purr Hope your mama has listened to you.
The Crew said…
We have the same problem here. We didn't find out for 3 DAYS that our dear friends were sick!

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