Manic Mom Mancat Monday

 Mom is dashing about doing 57 things at once and hollering about leaving for BarkWorld on Thursday. I am sad that none of those things she is doing is giving me treats. I would like treats. Lots of them. What's a mancat to do???

 Pepi, Mancat of the House


Hi Pepi! We think you should be getting some treats for sure - but we don't really know what to tell you to get them, because we are not very good at getting them!
Pumpkinpuddy said…
Hmmm. Can you reach the treats cupboard? Maybe you can get the other cats to help. I bet they'd like treats, too.
She really needs to work on her treat giving... Man!
Mariodacat said…
maybe she'll bring you a treat back from Bark World thingy. Hope so.
Max said…
Poop on something. That's what I'd do...
Stand on the chests when they is sleepin and Meow real loud? Nip their ankles?
Follow her every step and meow very loud?
How dare your human leave treats for you off her to-do list! She had better bring some home from BarkWorld. And she had better come home with a full report of what went on there for the rest of us!

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