Wordy Wednesday

Mom is EVIL!  She stuffed me in the PTU yesterday and hauled me off to see that nasty man who stabs me.

I didn't let her pretend I was happy about it though. Oh no, no way. I hollered and made her ears hurt. Of course the nasty vet man said I was healthy and doing great. I could have told her that!  My revenge is that she had to give green papers to find out what I could have told her. So there Mom!

No More Mrs. Niceguy
And if she thinks I'm going to forgive her this century she's got another think coming. Wait... are those fishie flakes?  I love fishie flakes! *run run run*

Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur


Kea said…
Fishie flakes will make you forgive a lot. LOL.

We're glad it was a good check-up!
Gree that stinks that you had to go see the nasty stabby man! We think you deserve a lot more than fishie flakes - well, at least you deserve a lot of them!!
It is hard to stay mad when fishie flakes are involved!
Sweetie Pie, I knows its mean to be hauled to the VET man but your Mom just loves you as much as I do (ok I do love you lots more!) and only wants to be sure you are healthy...
It wasn't all too bad since I was there holding your paw, wasn't it?

your husbandmancat Othello
oh MrsOthello - I doesn't blame you. I hates the v-e-t (and so does Sammy) but those weerd-o's Billy and Nicky love the v-e-t.

Sanjee - wants to come ofur and play n snuggle and eat ham? - purrsss n nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Anonymous said…
Sorry you had to endure that torture! :o(

Fishy Slakes = Forgiveness
Make sure you get LOTS of fishy flakes before forgiving her. Ihate it when my human does that too...
Max said…
Aw man, going to the stabby place sucks. But at least you got some fishie flakes out of it. That's something, anyway.
jenianddean said…
I'm glad you had a good checkup. But too bad you had to get in the PTU to find out.
Mariodacat said…
Wel, dat's the least she could do for you after dat nasty trick. You should have held out a bit tho and really make her feel guilty for nabbing you & taking you off to the vet.
It's not good at all when you have to go to the evil V E T. How come I didn't get fishie flakes when I got stuffed into the PTU?
Just Ducky said…
Glad you are healthy Gree.
Well, it IS good fer the Beins ta have the Vet verify what ya been tellin them...

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