Fank Yoo Fursday

Fank yoo all who wisheded Mommy a happy purrthday!

She readed each n every one of them nice purrthday wishes. She's not so good at replyin, so we thot we would say FANK YOO for her. We all reely does appresheeate it.

Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House


We would like to wish your Momma a belated birthday--as someone was not in town over her birthday and I think we missed it. Can I offer her a ham? Or moi?
I'm so glad your mom had a great birthday. I didn't get to stop by because mom was out of town yesterday and she was too tired to help me visit once she got home. So, Happy Belated Birthday!
We are glad your Mom had a good day! How could it have been any other way with you beauties!
We are glad your mom had a good birthday.

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