Wailing Wednesday

Halp! Woe is me! I was STABBED! In the leg! And my ears were CLEANED! Poor me! And I didn't even bite or scratch that mean ole v-e-t lady but she STILL tortured me. *sniff* Woe is me! I am gonna DIE of all this torture! I need about eleventy-squillion treats to bring me back to life. *sniff*

da Mini
Mini luvs foods

Pee Ess. Pepi here. Mini got her rabies stab (so she has rabies now I guess). She is not dying. And she did get about eleventy-squillion treats for being good at the vet. So ignore her wailing. Sisfurs!


Mini I am so sorry you got stabbed. I hate it when they stab me (the good thing about going to a holistic vet is that they don't stab you as much!) However, I have not gotten any treats.
Mini it stinks you got stabbed at the vets. We are glad that you did get lots of treats - but we can totally understand why you would be upset by the whole thing so we think you probably need a few more!
Pumpkinpuddy said…
Poor Mini. You not only need eleventy-squillion treats, but you need extra cuddles and scritches, too. Oh, and you get to hog all the toys for a few days.
Personally I think you deserve DOUBLE-eleventy-squillion treats for all the torture you underwent!
Mariodacat said…
Oh nooo - talk about a 'bad" day. you certainly did have one. You should get extra treats and pets.
At least you got treats for all your pain and agony!
Pandafur said…
I'z sorry for you mini, that duz sownd terribuls *softpaw* I hopes you iz feeling betters an getting extra pets.
Cindy said…
Stabbed! Oh noes! I hopes you gets a lot of treats.
Being stabbed is no fun, but at least you got treats to help you through your ordeal.
Oh noe the vet stabbies are not fun! I are scared to have to go theres in a few weeks. I hope thos treats were extra good! NOM
Keiko said…
Gosh! That sounds like No fun. We have to go and get rabies shots too! Wahhh!
Poor Mini!!!! I certainly hope you don't die from being mistreated the way you were. The treats sound good though. I will remember this next time I go, because the vet always says I am a good girl.

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