Mini Monday

Mini the Cat is a bit annoyed

I am annoyed. I want to go make ham puffs with Dr. Tweety. Instead I have to deal with stupid spammers on our blog. A cat should not have to do that. Out dam spammers! Out I say! *sigh* Oh well. I had to turn on the word verification thing to try to keep them out. If that doesn't work I will call the Orkin man.

Now that I'm done with that, I'm going over to Dr. Tweety's to make ham puffs. *lix lips*

da Mini
Mini luvs foods


The orkin man takes care of spammers? Wow... I never knew that. I should try it.
isn't SPAM really some kind of HAM? maybe we can just EAT the spam?

Diane G. said…
Bad spammers! They deserve the big bitey!

Moe and Carmela
One Cats Nip said…
If only our teeth and claws could come through the screen at those spammers!
OOooh ham puffs
I love ham puffs

bonkbonk Minipuff!
Busy Buttons said…
I've been too chicken of spammers to take MY word verification thing off... You were much braver than me!
We hate spammers! We don't even understand why anyone would bother - it just doesn't make any sense to us! We hope you enjoy your ham puffs!
Mariodacat said…
Hmm I'm curious to know how you knew you had spammers. Nasty they are. You are such a pretty kitty. Dat is a bootiful picture of you.
Enjoy making your ham puffs.
Those stupid spammers are getting worse. We have comment moderation for anything over 2 days old.
WE hope the ham puffs were good!
Samantha & Mom said…
Oh those Spammers are bad!! We had to do the same thing!! Are you sharing your Ham Puffs??? Have a great Monday Hotties, Mom Robyn and Grandma Cat!! (((((((((HUGS))))))) from your TX furiends,
We haf had real problems wif those Spam-Ratsies! Such that even Google is confoosed... We hope ya are only gettin the minor ones.

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