Meezer Colors Day

It's Meezer Colors Day! I am an Honorary Meezer because I meow like a Meezer, so I get to show off my colors. My color. I am pretty much black all over.

This is the subtle colors look. The muted green and pink show off my shiny black color nicely. Of course, most any color shows off my shiny black. heheh

For a chance to win a pair of Meezer Colors earrings handmade by Mom, visit The Meezers today and comment.

For more Meezer Colors stop by the Cat Blogosphere and Simply Siamese and get your Meezer Colors links added here.

your bud Pepi
Pepi, Mancat of the House


SeaThreePeeO said…
Happy Meezer Colours Day!
pawsome colors Pepi!!!
Anonymous said…
Excellent picture and pose! Good luck~!!!
Pepi, I think you are an honourary black Meezer
You are a great honorary Meezer Pepi! Happy Meezer Colors Day!
That is an excellent entry--not that I would know as I have a colorless entry today... Sigh.
Noll's Nip said…
Noll forgot about Meezer Color Day (boo!) Your color is furry nice and subtle and you look elegant on it.
Nice colors! Or in your care, color-singular.
Hello my honorary meezer boyfriendcat Pepi, you look absolutely handsome as you always do! I would love to come over for treats and a snuggle on the gizzy, but Sam and Simon want you to hang around a bit to check out the hummingbirds on the feeders with us before we leave, they are so much fun to watch!
Hugs and kissies to my sweetie,
catsynth said…
People who meet Luna think she is part meezer, too, despite her black fur. She is quite vocal.
Nice colour Pepi.
Mum says I must have had some meezer in me somewhere because I am very loud.
Cindy said…
Black is a wonderful color for a cat says Henry. But any color will go with you.
Katnip Lounge said…
We know that meezerow sooo well...what was that, May Ling?
Your colors are very pretty!
Samantha & Mom said…
Happy Meezers Colors Day Pepi!!
You look good against that blanket!!
Your TX furiends,

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