Wordless Wednesday

Mini luvs foods


you looks a little hissed off. MOL. did you not get any treets?

Sanjee, does you want to come lay on the beech wif me? - purrss n nosekissies - your boyfriendcat Miles
Anonymous said…
Are you sniffing that 'beans feets?
Katnip Lounge said…
Looks like some tuxie-tude to us! ;-)

xx Lounge Kats
Are they insisting you smell their toes?
Did your look and attitude just knock them off their feet?
One Cats Nip said…
what are you sposed to do with them feets? They dont look nommy...wheres the food?
Mariodacat said…
Oh oh - Sanjee isn't happy me thinka. Hope your Wednesday did get better friend.
I counted to ten and your human was still on the floor. That means you won the match!
You look a bit annoyed there Mini. We hope it is nothing too bad!
We thinks you should bite a foot. ~AFSS
Are you trying to decide which foot to bite first?
We think ya should bite a toesie. They are RIGHT THERE! Beggin fer a nibble at least.

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