Purrs Please

Uncle Milty has a bad sick. He been sick since him n Mommy camed back from BlogPaws. He thot it was a lil bug but it turned out to be a BIG BUG and him is in the hospittle. Please send him lotsa purrs. We needs our Uncle Milty to be all well fast. Fank yoo

Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties
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Pandafur said…
Iz purring rilly hard for your Uncle Milty Sanjee. *softpaw*
O, noes, not Uncle Milty!!!!
Pleeze pleeze pleeze gets better.
We's all purring like little lawnmowers fur hims to get better.
We will purr hard that he gets better quickly!
We are purring our biggest purrs for Uncle Milty.
We are sending loud purrs to Uncle Milty!
Anita said…
We send all our best wishes and purrayers to Uncle Milty,

I send him my curative powers.

Purrrs and a big (((((hug))) to you all. I hpe read good news soon.
We'll be purring and purraying fur Unkle Milty...hope dey can kill dem bugs!
Pumpkinpuddy said…
Sending purrayers to Uncle Milty. Hope he's better soon.
Uncle Milty has our purrs and our mama's prayers. xxxxxxxxx
Daisy said…
Harley and I are both purring for Uncle Milty!
Jans Funny Farm said…
Oh, no! Your Uncle Milty has to get well and come home soon. It's a shame he came back sick after having a good time at BlogPaws.
Katnip Lounge said…
Oh No! We are all buzzing like crazy for your Uncle Milty!
xx Lounge Kats
Mariodacat said…
So sorry to hear your uncle Milt is ill and in the hospital. We will definately keep him and you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I'm sending healing purrs to Milt and soothing purrs to you and your family.
You got my purrs for your uncle.. I hope he gets well soon.. Hugs GJ xx
Ikaika said…
Big purrs and lots of healing energy for Uncle Milty ...

'Kaika and his mom
Harry Spotter said…
We are sending you our purrs and prayers for your Uncle.
The Creek Cats said…
Lots and lots of purrs to Uncle Milty!! We hope he makes a quick recovery!
We's just checking back to see how Uncle Milty is doing.
Hope him's feeling better today.
Pleeze keep us posted...
Love & Purrs,
We are purring and purraying for Unkle Milty!!
*hugs and kissies*
KarenMcG said…
We're sorry to hear that Uncle Milty is not well, so we'll keep him in our thoughts and purryers.
OH NOES!!! we is purrring furry hard!
Who's Uncle Milty? Did we meet him? We are sorry he is doing poorly...
Oh noes, the big guy is sick? We will use our purrs to vibrate the newmoania away!
Oh no I am so sorry to hear that mommy AND uncle Milty are not feeling good. The cozy cottage is sending lots of love and get better fast wishes to you Hotties!!
Love Misses Peach
Samantha & Mom said…
Dear Hotties!! We are all purrring and praying for Uncle Milty!! We hope he is getting well soon!!
Your TX furiends,

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