Mommy is LEEVING me!

Oh noes! Halp! Mommy is leeving me! Fur a hole weekend! And she's takin my duk Georgey wif her too! Whut am I gonna do?

They is goin to dis Blogpaws fingy. And I won't haf my Mommy OR my duk!!!

I'm going to BlogPaws 2010 badge

And it totally not fairs that they gets to meet Mommy ML and I don't.

What Mommy?
I don't fink I wanna ride in da car efur, much less all dem hours.
Neverminds. I stay home wif Grandma n nap insted.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


OH tell your Momma to enjoy blogpaws! Too bad it is too far away for us. Maybe another time it will be more centrally located! or perhaps even Westernly located!
Daisy said…
My Mommeh wishes she could go. I hope your mom has tons of funs, and we can't wait to hear all about it!
SeaThreePeeO said…
We hope your mum has a good time and comes back real soon.
Anonymous said…
Our mom wishes she could go too! Hope your mommy has a fabulous time! And ya know what??? We bets she brigs you back LOTS of stuffs!
We hope your mum has a lovely time there.
We is sorry you won't be there, too! Be sure to ask your mewmie for your Furrydance mini-swag bag when she gets home, ok!

Me (Brighton) and Disco get to go and we are all packed (outfits, food, heating pad, tent, harnesses, stroller and bath stuff--we gotta smell good so everyone will swoon over us!

We get to meet ML too, and we are sooo excited since she had our Momma Coco for a while!

We will take lots of photos and then mewmie will tell the CB what it was like, for those who can't be there...
My human will be there! She's speaking on the book panel Saturday morning - try to hunt her down and say hello! She wants to meet the humans of all my blogging cat pals!
That is a wise choice!
We hope your mom has fun at BlogPaws! We think it will be a lot of fun!

And we think you are very smart to avoid a long car ride - that part does not sound fun!!
Mariodacat said…
I'm happy George & your mama get to go to Blogpaws, but it not fair you has to stay home. They'd better bring back a nice surprise for you.
Skeezix the Cat said…
Robyn, make sure to hook up with me. I'll be wearing a bright pink jacket and Skeezy shoes, and flat Skeezix will be there. He can't wait to meet George!
Just Ducky said…
Yeah stay home and nap.
Unknown said…
I hope you have a wonderful time at home and also hope your Mommy has a wonderful time. Such a neat idea, this blog paws thing. I bet more people sign up for it next year.
Goodbye my dearest furriends. The Bridge has called to me and I have decided to answer.

I will see you here.

Your dearest furriend,

Robyn Harton said…
Fank yoo efurrybuddy. We's tired from alla a'citement so we'll bisit efurryone soon as we cans.

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