Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that I got treats on Monday.
I am thankful that I got treats on Tuesday.
I am thankful that I got extra treats on Wednesday.
I am hopeful that I will get treats today, then I will be thankful for them.

da Mini
Mini luvs foods


You are a very lucky kitty to get treats every day!
The Creek Cats said…
Treats! Treats! Treats!
Those are great things to be thankful for!
umi_e said…
Yes... you have to be thankful for all the treats your got :p
Anonymous said…
Heeheehee, those is GRRR-8 things to be thankfukl for (so far)
Mini, and we are thankful you did also. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
that's some great stuff to be thankful for Mini!
We totally think you will get treats today and tomorrow too - and we know you will be thankful for tomorrows too!!
Busy Buttons said…
Shouldn't a nice kitty like you get extra treats EVERY day? :)
Treats every day? Wow! We know how ya love food, Mini...
Mariodacat said…
I bet you got treats today cuz you are thankful kitty.
We will be thankful if you don't a'splode after all those treats.
Karen Jo said…
I am sure that you will get treats today to be thankful for. You should get treats every day.

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