Mini Monday

Treats! Now!!! Or it's laser eyes for you!

Mini luvs foods


Great laser eyed. Did you get treats?
::hands ofur all our treats:: here you go Mini! Turn them off please! - Nicky
I hope you got lots of treats!
umi_e said…
We like you laser eyes! What treats that you got?
Mariodacat said…
Those are lazer eyes - definately. Kind of scary too! I hope you don't zap anything with them.
Wow, nobody in their right mind would refuse you and your deadly lasers Mini.
Quick! Get treats fast
Samantha & Mom said…
We just know you got lots of treats from those laser eyes Mini!!
Your TX furiends,
OK, OK, treats are teleported over.

Oh wait, did you mean from yer Bein?

Never mind...
mog said…
Great laser eyes shot. You got treats for sure with that.

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