Frantic Friday

We are very busy. Very frantic. See?

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniPepi, Mancat of the HouseMini luvs foods


Oh yes, you look super busy keeping those kitty beds in place!
The Crew said…
Hahahahaha! Yes, we can see how "busy" you are!
Victor Tabbycat said…
Mom said SQUEEEEEEEEE! You is furry busy - synchronized sleepin isn't as easy as it looks! Enjoy yur sunshine!
Victor & Nina
PS we'll rub yur greetins on Dad tonite.
SeaThreePeeO said…
Looks like there's some serious napping going on there!
Now that's our kind of busy!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
Yeah--Sometimes you just can't avoid days that consist of busily napping...
::walks in the room and hollers:: CALM DOWN EFURRYONE!!!! ::runs out:: - Sammy
The Hotties sure make an art form from being frantic. Ummmm, we can handle that.
Mariodacat said…
he he - that's being really busy!! Dat's about how busy I was today too.
You may need to take an extra nap, you are so busy!
Wow! You are so busy you made us tired now.
Wow, dat's really bizzy...yoo'll need to rest up from alla dat frantic aktivity! Yoo'll need nurishment too
That's my kind of busy!
Noll's Nip said…
Wow, you're all a busy blur :)
Just Ducky said…
yeah, right, frantic.
Ahem, we think that is one of the best kitty photos of all time!

There should be a special place for pics like that...
Busy Buttons said…
Lined-up, matching beds with matching kitties in 'em...VERY cool!
We are catching up on all your post. And we has to say we LOVE the 3 black cats in their 3 matching beds. It is so CUTE. ~AFSS

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