Mancat Monday

As mancat of the house, it's my duty to test out new toys.

So I tried out the new toys that George won at pawpawty from @Emmythecat. The curly blue snake was fun!

And the little balls are great. I picked the green one for me.
Thank you @emmythecat for donating such a great prize!

your bud Pepi
Pepi, Mancat of the House


You are doing a great job testing the toys!
Luna und Luzie said…
You have great toys to test there.
We can see that you have a lot of fun with your green ball!
Looks like you all are having fun. BTW we gave our sweet friends award to Mini!
Those look like great toys!! You are doing a great job of testing them out!
Can I teleport there to play with your new toys with you Pepi?
Hugs and kissies,
Your girlfriendcat Sabrina
Good job, Pepi. Sammy says you are one handsome mancat....could it be cuz y'all look a lot alike????? :)
Victor Tabbycat said…
Grate toys! Don't furget dat it's also yur job to snoopervise when da girls play, to make sure they do it rite.
Max said…
Awesome job there! And Victor is right, ya gotta snoopervise girls at play, too. They'll probably do it right, but ya never know with wimmens...
Busy Buttons said…
TOYS! Oh, how I love toys. And aren't new toys the best?!
Samantha & Mom said…
We love new toys too Pepi!! That snake toy looks like lots of fun!!
Your TX furiends,
King Valrohna said…
Toys are the best!! I really like your snake; it looks fun!!
Mariodacat said…
You are doing a great job as head mancat. YOu wouldn't want anyone to get hurt with toys before testing.
Those toys look like lots of fun. Do you need any help testing them?
The Island Cats said…
That is a very important job you have and we can see you take it very seriously...
meemsnyc said…
That curly blue snake is an awesome prize!

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