Lately the humans spend lots of time watching people run around on the ice in circles and jump off snow hills. This is what I do while they watch such boring stuff.

Napping is much more interesting.

da Mini
Mini luvs foods


We agree - naps are the best thing to do when the beans get boring! We hope you have great dreams of fun toys and treats!!
Yeah--I been napping a lot too.
I agree. My mom has been spending entirely too much time watching all of the circling and jumping.
Yup, our mum too. It means we are losing out on visiting friends time.
here too. And then they whine about being tired the next day because they stayed up so late.
They should nap more.

have a nice nappie
Luzinha said…
hahahaha... good one, dear!

have a great nap!

all the best for you all!
Anonymous said…
We could not agree more! Our beans keep watching that stupid boring stuff, too. So we has extry naps.

Den, we jumps up an down on an off der bed in da middle of da nite...just to teach dem a lesson fur ignorin' us!

Signed, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches of the "Talk With The Paws" crew.
That is a good place to nap!
umi_e said…
Feel like sleeping too :p

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~purrs & hugs~
Monty Q. Kat said…
They're beans. They toss rocks on ice and chase it with brooms while screaming at it.
Just Ducky said…
Here too, plus mum is spending so much time with Ducky, little runt!
Tara said…
We don't have the picture box hooked up here. Mom has been complaining about missing that stuff, I can't imagine why....

Yeah, The Big Thing been watchin that ice/snow game stuff. But I get to sit on his lap while he does. So its great!

Busy Buttons said…
I totally agree. If it ain't a squeaky toy on TV, I'm not interested!
Mariodacat said…
You have the right idea - a nice nap is much better.

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