WCB at Mileses!

Weekend Cat Bloggin is ofur at my boyfriendcat Mileses howse dis weekend. Pleez go gif him a linky from one a yore posts dis week so he'll haf lotsa entries. It'll make him and Sammy and Billy and Snotbucket feel goods :)

Fank yoo!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


We shall have to go and look up and see which of my amazing posts I want to share... Okay... the Woman said she REALLY needs to email your Mom...
We gave them one - this is our first time joining in so we are very excited!
I'll see what I can do!
We will go and choose a post for them.
Robyn Harton said…
Chey, I'm sure you can find one :)

Amy dat is grate, fank yoo!

Fanks Sweet Praline!

Fanks Eric and Flynn!
Noll's Nip said…
We did it :)
I didn't quite get the idea of it, and didn't feel like thinkin' too hard so I just posted in another post. heh heh heh.

Plus I'm not too thrilled at this BOYFRIENDCAT thing Miss Sanjee... *harumph*

Jans Funny Farm said…
Does any kitty really want to see that poor kit go through life being called Snotbucket?????

We read on the CB that Mog will be taking over your technical duties there so you can concentrate on your business. We are grateful for all the time and effort you have invested with the CB! Thanks.
hahahaha you called him snotbucket too!!!!
Robyn Harton said…
Noll's Nip! Yay! Fank yoo :)

Rumblepurr MOL Miles been my boyfriendcat furever! But yoo are a grate speshul furriend.

Jan, well dat what Miles calls him, so I did too. Miles is smart.

Miles n Sammy n Billy, a course I did cuz yall do. *nosekissies to my handsum Miles*

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