Mommy Got Jewelry

Now yoo probably know that Mommy makes jewelry. But this time she got some from someone else. That was fun for her!

She gotted it from LuShae Jewelry, which is a cool fashion jewelry site. They have all sortsa neato stuffs including earrings and pendants necklaces too. Mommy liked their earrings too, but she wears rings more (on her thumb! is she silly???) so she got a ring. Yay for Mommy!

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That's a beautiful ring.
Oh that is lovely! Did you get jewelry too?
Mariodacat said…
That is a pawsome ring. Lots of peeps wear rings on their thumbs, so your mama right in vogue.
Robyn Harton said…
Sweet Praline - Fank yoo! Mommy likes it!

Chey and Gemini - Nope, I didn't get joolry but dat ok, I don't ware it nohow.

Mario - Fanks yoo. I will tell mommy she in vogue MOL
Thats a very pretty ring and your mum is very much in fashion.. My mum loves jewelry too.. Hugs GJ x
That is a lovely ring.
Gracie=^o.o^= said…
That is really a nice looking ring. Was it a just because present to her from herself? Great taste indeed.
it's beautiful! our the mom wears a ring on her thumb too. (it's a rority ring wif greek letters on it.)
That is a really cool ring! We really like your mom's stuff but it is fun to have other stuff too!
Thanks for the link, our mewmie says...she bookmarked the page!

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