Locked Out

I got locked out of the bedroom at night! That is SO unfair. Just because Itry to play hard with Gree and chased her down the stairs the other night. It's not my fault she hurt her back and she's ok now anyway.
I want back in. I don't know how Mom is sleeping when I'm not there to snuggle her.
I showed my displeasure over being locked out last night by scratching the door, banging the door, pulling the white snakey thing under the door, and howling. It didn't work.
Anycat got any ideas on how I can get back in to the bedroom at nights?

Pepi, Mancat of the House

(Mom Robyn's note: White snakey thing = extension cord that is now moved so paws can't get it under the door)


MAKE MORE NOISE. I firmly believe this. Of course you do risk getting squirted with a water bottle or something--The Woman had a cat who used to do that... He was even regulated to the garage at night because he would get so noisy...
mog said…
Poor mom probaby didn't get any sleep with you carrying on like that. *hugs to mom* Might want to rethink your strategy. Try getting along with Gree.
We don't have any suggestions, because when we get locked out there is no chance we are getting in - usually because it only happens if there is a sick kitty (or one getting over anesthesia) or a little kitten in there - no way mom would let us in with that going on!

Good Luck!!
Anonymous said…
We say BE L~O~U~D~E~R~!!!
Ask her if she can rotate who sleeps with her, so you each get some snuggle time...
Stop chasing Gree? We don't know, mom can't lock us out of da bedroom. Oh yeah, dat is acuz da one and only time she tried it we sat outside da door and howled, banged on da door, scratched da door and put our paws unner da door and shook it. Dat was afore Speedy figgered out how to open doors. She don't even bother to shut her door now. Dad does, but no one wants to sleep wif him cuz he jumps around to much.
HOLLER HOLLER HOLLER and POUNDPOUNDPOUND and the most important one SCRATCHSCRATCHSCRATCH CONSTANTLY at the door. Sooner or later it will drive your the mom NUTSO and she will open the door. Then you know what you has to do? WALK AWAY. - your bud Sammy (wanna come ofur and praktise?)

Deer Sanjee - does you want to go camping again? - purrsss n nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
We think you are doing all the right things, just keep it up!
Well, you could drag around like you're not feeling well, and maybe cut back on what you eat.....that might get your mom worried about you and she'll want you near where she can watch you. Good luck.....xxxxxxxxx
What you are doing sounds perfect
Keep it up, after a few nights she will give up and let you in.
Also added benefit would be to act really sweet and kittenish during the day

Max said…
You can't give up. EVERY night you have to throw your entire body weight against the door over and over and over. This works better than scratching. If you can howl while you do this, it will eventually work, because the kitty always wins...
Maybe you should say sorry to Gree and be all nice and gentlemanly to her. When no-one is around to see you, well that's a different matter.
The Island Cats said…
Keep scratching at the door...it drives the humans crazy...they'll just hafta let you back in!
Mariodacat said…
Me thinks you should do the totally ignore Mum routine. Pretent like you could care less. I bet she let you back in soon of you ignore her. If she tries to pet you - run away. If she gives you food, take your good natured time bout getting at it.
Just Ducky said…
Keep begging Pepi.
We don't understand... a human has locked you out of the BEDROOM?? But.. but... it is a pussycat's right to own the bedroom! This cannot stand!

Let me know if you want to launch an attack on the humans.
meemsnyc said…
You got locked out? What the? Argh!
SeaThreePeeO said…
When she opens the door in the morning, run in and hide under the bed. Refuse to move at all costs!
Anonymous said…
Pepi, with all these suggestions already you're sure to be back in before long!

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