Somebuddy stoleded tha yard!

Good thing they didn't stoleded tha house!

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Yikes! Where did everything go?
Even we had snow today. Only about half an inch, but we don't often get any.
One Cats Nip said…
Oh noes! I hopes they dont steals my yard too...this may be a group of thieves I seen many cats losing their yards!
Millie said…
LOOK! You got SNOW! Pretty, isn't it? Your yard is there, and the snow will melt.


Wow! That was some storm you all had. Make your Woman go melt it. That's what I tell mine... she is not very good about doing it though.
SeaThreePeeO said…
MOL! That made us laugh!
That was funny! Luckily, mother nature skipped our yard in SC.
Just Ducky said…
Stay warm and stay safe. You don't have to go out and play in it. I can tell you it is cold and wet.
Wow we got some here but you got an awful lot more.. Keep warm.. HUgs GJ x
mog said…
Wow! Snow and lots of it. Looks pretty thou. No snow here, it's in the 70s. :) Enjoy it while you have it.
Victor Tabbycat said…
Hay, dat looks like Whiskonsin! You didn't tell us you was moofin to Whiskonsin! I hope your mom has one of them red snow eatin monsters so she can play outside. Dad stayed out sumfing like four hours playin in our snows. An it don't go away fast, eifur!
Nap pile on Mom Robyn to stay warm.
We had pranksters that stoled our yard last winter too, but luckily they gave it back when the weather got warmer. We hope your yard thieves are apprehended and you get your yard back.
That is a winter wonder land! Please stay warm!

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