Pawpawty Day!

Today is time for da Pawpawty fur charity on da Twitter at 2 pee em eestern time. I is a'cited!

My duk George is a piggie. But he does NOT taste likes hams or bacons. Da costoom did not come wif flavers inclooded.

If yoo wanna come to da pawpawty or just donate a buck or two for da charity yoo can chek out da noo Pawpawty site.

Gree's costoom did not come wif flavvers neifur, sowwy.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Humph. The Woman has enough trouble figuring out forums and chat rooms. She really is rather anti social!
SeaThreePeeO said…
Those costumes are great!
Those are cute costumes. Our Mom can't figure out how to do fun things like that!
Reese =^..^= said…
I bet you were the life of the pawty in those cool costumes!
Unknown said…
Those costumes are adorable. How do you do that? It looks like a lot of fun.
Ahh, we were hopin fer pigduckie... Oh well.
ZackRabbit said…
George! you are so cute in your pig costume!!

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