Bloo Friday

Pepi's cold is bak wif his azma. More aunty biotiks for him. Mommy's tummy purroblem is an ulcer, caused by one of her medicines. She's sik and has a buncha noo stuff to take and hasta stop takin dat ofur medicine slow or it'll gif her see-shurs. So we is just a mess. We is tryin to ignore it all and haf fun. Sumtimes dat's eezier than ofurs. George is serfin meowmosas n barky maries. maybe i'll haf one of thems.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


WE hope Pepi and Mom get better soon!
The Kitty Krew said…
Oh, we're sorry to hear about both Pepi and mom, and hope they get better soon! We're sending purrrrrrs to them.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
SeaThreePeeO said…
We hope everything works out very soon! xxx
Elin said…
Hope everything will recover soon!

OH no! Both Pepi and your Momma need some healing purrs. We will purr to both of them. Does your Momma need another cat to sit on her? Chey is trying to hide out.
Sanjee, if we needs to teleport back to your house to purr on your mom, we will - just let me know.

purrssss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
That stinks that Pepi's cold and asthma are back, and also stinks that your mom has an ulcer! I hope that everyone feels good soon - we will send the purrs over!
We are purring for your mum and Pepi. We hope they are both better very soon.
Reese =^..^= said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your Mommy and Pepi. I hopes they both get well soon.


I will try to stop by later to do an entrecard drop. It is being silly right now and not allowing me to drop.
Special purrs for Pepi and your Mom. Isn't it terrible when medicines you need for one condition cause other problems and you need more medicines!
mog said…
Purrs for both Pepi and your mom, sucks to both be sick. Get well soon.

Miz Mog and Meowza
Oh my dear friends...we are sorry you are not feeling well mom Robyn. Poor Pepi, you gots a cold again? That suxs. we will puuuurrrr our best for you at the cozy cottage that you both recover real fast over the long weekend.
Soft hugs to all the Hotties from Miss Peach and mommy Karla

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