Happy Gotcha Day Sabrina

I'd like to take you to the fish market for your Gotcha Day, Beautiful Sabrina.

Love and Purrs and Kissies,
your boyfriendcat Pepi
Pepi, Mancat of the House


you're so romantic!

Deer Sanjee

Does you want to come ofur and snuggle in the tent? - purrssss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Happy Gotcha day Sabrina! Look at all those fishes and shrimps! What a feast! Enjoy your day!
Happy Gotcha Day to Sabrina!
Pepi that is a nice picture of Sabrina that you posted for her gottcha day - you are a great boyfriendcat!
Jasmim said…
Happy Gotcha day Sabrina ^^
We bet Sabrina would love to go to the fish market.
Ohhhhh Pepi, your card for me is just beautiful!!! I am anxiously awaiting our visit to the fish market, what a fantastic way to celebrate my special day! You are the sweetest, handsomest boyfriendcat ever!
Loves, hugs and kissies to you,
Your girlfriendcat Sabrina

And Sanjee, Gree, Mini and Boni, thank you so much for your wishes on my special day!
Purrs and headbutts to you all,
you dressed up to go to da fishie market? be careful den doze fishies kin gets ur fur all icky...

happy Gotcha Day, Sabrina!
♥HAPPY GOTHCA DAY♥ You is such a purr-ty kitty!
Romeo said…
YAY Sabrina@
Hmm, I need to take some notes, this is how to woo a ladycat...


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