George is fun

George the Duck is fun to play with. He likes to rassle with me. I usually win.


Wow! If you almost always win you must be REALLY good.

(that was Baby Duck. We think you need a little more nom-ing around the wing area.)
Reese =^..^= said…
You are a good wrassler.
susan said…
Sanjee, you be a good wrassler. But keep claws in so you don't hurt Georgie.


Holly the cat.
fan of your mom
SeaThreePeeO said…
It's very nice of George to rassle with you!
We've never rassled a duck before but it looks fun.
catsynth said…
Luna loves to play with toys like that too, though she generally favors mice - occasionally, she will deign to pounce on a fish.
Georgeis a good play mate!
We got a duckie just like yours. We like those restuffable catnip toys cuz the nip's always fresh!
Victor Tabbycat said…
ROWR! You feerse mancat. Rowr!
George is nice ta rassle wif you when he usally loses...
ZackRabbit said…
oh George!! Haven't you ever heard, pic on someone your own size??

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