Do NOT get azma

Look what happened to me when I got azma. It was not a pretty sight at all.

See, if you get azma and you can't breathe, then you can't groom right and you get lots of mats. Then they shave the mats off and you look embarassing. *shudder*

I am very lucky my Sabrina loves me even when I look shabby. She's the best girlfriendcat I could possibly have.

I'm still glad my furst are growing back, though.

Pepi, Mancat of the House


Ohhh, you poor sweet man cat... it makes you look really tough, chicks dig a tough man cat.
SeaThreePeeO said…
Poor you! I think it makes you look mysterious and rough and ready.
The Creek Cats said…
Awwww! Bless heart! Sorry about the azma. Please feel better soon!
awwww Pepi, we love you too, no matter what!

Deer Sanjee - does you want to do somefing today???? - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Poor Pepi! That is so horrible. I get a few mats even though I can breathe and sometimes Momma tries to cut them out or she tries to furminate them out. Either way I do not like it.
Jans Funny Farm said…
Your friends will always understand and love you.
Reese =^..^= said…
Oh, I am so sorry. You are still darling to me.
Oh poor Pepi - Floyd used to have that problem too (although no asthma). He looks a LOT like you so I bet I can imagine how your mats were. Floyd was lucky because his didn't go to the skin so I could cut the bad ones out - he still had little short furs. And the rest I got out with a lot of gentle combing/brushing/picking (this will sound weird but an orange stick like for your nails is great at breaking up mats - I had completely forgotten about that until just now - it is usualy a bit rounded, so it doesn't poke, the wood is pretty strong, and it helps split them so they brush better!)
Asma is not nice! It is bad for Mom, so we know it must be really bad for a kitty!
Pepi, you will always be the handsomest boyfriendcat a girlcat could have. Some things are just beyond our control, but getting through bad things just makes us better kitties.
Hugs and nosekissies to you sweetie,
oh no, we didn't know about your azma, but lots of kitties have that. Do you have to have an inhaler? Like Marley? Hope you are feeling and looking your best soon

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