Wordless Wednesday

Boni Maroni


You look like you are just about to say one, teeny, tiny word. Good thing you didn't☺
susan said…
What a handsome kitty thou art.

Holly the cat.

(Can you meow to your mommy for me)
The Island Cats said…
You look like you want to be wordy!!!
Is that the silent pleez?
Are you hoping for ham?
Motor Home Cats said…
Are you singing for your supper?

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
You are very good looking no matter what you are asking for!
I think you are saying mummmmm for something.

Love the pose..
Hugs GJ xx
Daisy said…
I think you are about to bestow a Silent Meow. Those are very special.
Reese =^..^= said…
Did you hear the one about the cat who went in a bar.....
Bruce said…
It's pretty hard keeping quiet on Wednesdays, isn't it!
Jasmim said…
Are you asking for treats ?
i can read lips - you're saying HEY MOM! GIVE ME SOME TREATS! AND HAM! AND OH YEAH - MORE TREATS. hee hee hee - Miles

Deer Sanjee- fanks for offering to keep me from starving. I mean really, 15 lbs is just TOOOO skinny - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
The Creek Cats said…
Happy Wednesday! Hope you get some treats!
Whimpurr said…
Whatcha asking for? Treats? Nip? Ham???

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
I bet you are about to ask for a treat - that is my guess at least! Very cute!
I bet you got whatever it was you were asking for.

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