OMC! Purr purr purrrrrrrrrrr

Mom woke me up from napping. A stair troll has to nap to keep up her strength, you know. I wasn't keen on her waking me up at first, but I realized she brought me payment.

A POUND of fishie flakes!!! I am one happy stair troll now.

Mrs. Othello the Happy Stair Troll
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur


WOWZA! You hit the mother-load fur sure! Cool☺
Mrs Othello - that's a GREAT surprise!!!

Deer Sanjee - i's on my way ofur to lounge wif you! purrrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
The Creek Cats said…
Nom nom nom!! Those fishy flakes are delicious! Our mom has even used them as bait when she does TNR!
We have never tried fishy flakes! Looks like the troll collected a great toll!
Max said…
Reese =^..^= said…
OMC! Nommy. What a nice surprise.
Daisy said…
A whole POUND!?! ::faints::
Nina Torbie said…
Oh! I've never tried fishy flakes, I think. Victor says he had some and they were very good, but Bonnie didn't like them. I usually like what Victor likes, except the extra healthy Wellness kitty treats.

Is being a stair troll good?
OMC, what a wonderful way to wake up. ~S,S,C & F
The Island Cats said…
A whole pound??!? Lucky you!
Mr. Hendrix said…
*sniff* it is beautiful think *sniff* better than a sunrise.

no wonder you're so happy
OMC! That is a lot of fishie flakes! We had some once and they stuck to our noses when we ate them.
Wow it looks like stair troll is a very lucrative job! But you are much too cute to be a troll! I bet the cute gets you larger payments!!
What an excellent treat!
Samantha & Mom said…
Yummy! Yummy fishie flakes for the tummy!! You make a very cute stair troll Mrs. Othello!!
Your FL furiends,
I've heard about those flakes, but I haven't tried them yet. Are they good?
Gree, you are SOOOOO lucky! You have a fantastic Mom, no doubt about it!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Pepi sweetheart, will you please forgive me for being distant lately? With Mom leaving her job and having to train her replacement, and her giving moral support to Daddy when he's been painting, she's been very bad with helping me visit you. I am sending you bunches and bunches of hugs and kissies, and will teleport to you right away if you want me to ...
Your unwillingly absent girlfriendcat Sabrina

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