Nooo I don wanna go

I don care if I hab a code. I don wanna go to tha B-E-T today. I just sleeb on Momb n get bettah.


Your bub Pebi
Pepi, Mancat of the House


But a cold can turn into URI! It is better to take care of it while it is little!
Reese =^..^= said…
You'd better go. I'm sorry.
The Crew said…
Oh gosh, we hope your doctor can give something to unplug you!
Victor Tabbycat said…
Why you talkin funny, bro? *ka-choo* Sry. Maybe you gots alergies? I hope yur not leric to cats!
O, Pepi, I's sorry to hear you haf to go to tha vet today. But it's better than being sickly.
We's be purring fur you.
Love and Lotsa Purrs,
The Island Cats said…
Sorry you don't feel good, Pepi! We hope you are better real soon!
That's bad noos that you hafta go to the V E T but it's best to get better before you get worse. We hope you are soon feeling better.
Daisy said…
Oh, I'm sorry you are under the weather, Pepi. I hope you feel all better soon!
Max said…
That bites, but you gotta go in case it's not just a cold.
Oh you must gom to the vet man in case it gets worse. He will give you medicine to help..

Get well soon.

Hugs GJ xxx
Ikaika said…
We're sending feel-good purrs to you, Pepi ...
I hate going to the VET too Pepi, but you HAVTA get better! How can you help your mom type if you're sick? They NEED us to keep their wrists warm!

Cory said…
Oh feel better Pepi! V-e-t's are no fun but they can help you get better. We'll rumble out some purrs for you!
Pepi we hope you feel better soon! And yes the V-E-T is not fun but they only want to help out kitties who are sick - they aren't trying to be mean. We will send purrs your way to get better!
Monty Q. Kat said…
Claws. Lots of 'em.
Oh no!!! You feel better, poor Pepi... *RUMBLEpurrrr*
Whimpurr said…
Poor baby! We hope your cold gets all better soon!
Samantha & Mom said…
Purrrs, purrrrs and lots of healing vibes Pepi!! Please get well soon!
Your FL furiends,

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