I think I haf ta change

... from my Sanjee in da Can outfit on Twitter to a noo one. See, we's hafin anofur #pawpawty dis weekend fur charity. And it's bout beach surfin. hehehe I's not sure bout all dat water stuff, but I fink it'll be funs to ware a bikini or hide a'hind a surf bored or somefin like dat.

Our charitee for dis #pawpawty is D'Arcy A.R.C. Animal Rescue Center. It's in Canada which is cool cuz now we's done pawties for 3 different countries! If yoo can't make it to da pawty but can gif a dollar or two to dem safely, yoo can doughnate heer.

If yoo can come to da pawty, pleez do. They's lotsa funs wif myoosic n contests n pwizes on top a da best part of helpin our charity! And I's gonna DJ from 11pm EDT to 1am EDT. (I didded so good last time I gotted a 2 hour slot dis time *grinz*

What kinda surfin/beech outfit do yoo fink I should ware?

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


We are still not sure what you do at a pawparty... Of course we are still not at all sure about twitter...We are cats. It should be called Meow.
I like your bikini!

i wishes that I could be at the pawpawty wif you when you DJ, but our the mom might be comatose by then from lack of sleep.

purrrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Motor Home Cats said…
We think maybe a bikini and a lei would look good, and you can play with the lei too.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
That sounds like it will be a fun party! We can't come though, because we don't twitter - we also don't really get how you have a party that way - maybe we will sign up some day and find out.
I hope the pawpawty is successful.
Da last pawpawty we went to we purrty much gots ignored so we don't go anymore.

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