Carnival of the Cats #271 - ML Purrthday Week Celebration

Welcome to tha #271 Carnival of tha Cats!

This week we's celebratin the purrthday of Mommy ML, who does LOTS and LOTS of helps with the Cat Blogosphere and alla us cat bloggers. And yoo are invited to party wif us!

First we gotta sings!
Happy Purrthday Mommy ML!

Fanks for helpin out alla us bloggin cats n cat peoples so much :)

Come on over to the party tent.

Just in case yoo see any skeeters, we can stop by Pets and Mosquitos and learn bout thems for us kitties. Hoo's got the bug spray anyways?

Uh oh, Hakuna is givin a suspicious glare. Yoo fink she found the bug spray in her bowl or somefin?

Check there in tha tent fur these scratcher thingies on tha wall. What do yoo finks of thems?

I heard there's a cards game going on in tha back of tha tent. Go see where Arthur plays cards.

Have some foods! We have everything from niptinis to cake to bun foods. Just ask the guys in the white jackets to brin gyou what you wants.

Amber is a camera critter, but I finks she's gettin ready to hit the buffay.

But look out ofur there! Robyn is in tha flowerpot. Noooooo not Mom Robyn. Robyn the cat! She's purrtier.

Jax is lookin good too, showin off da mug.

And Her Ladyship is irresistible. Like alla time.

And cellybrate wif baloons. They makes a grate noise if yoo pops thems! hehehe

Sally is just takin it easy and snoozin rite thru the noise tho.

I'm not sure but even tho Samantha Black and Mr. Tigger n Maveric are wordless, it looks like they's ready to share some a this cake too.

Uh oh. Puddy doeesn't like that noise. Maybe it a'minds her of tha Electric Shaver of Death?

Well when you is all tuckered out, maybe yoo wantsta snuggle. But not if it's agitation time like ofur at Grace n Companys.

Oh then yoo can join Lab Kat for a three-fer nappage. Oh yeahhhhhh.

And look! Karl at the Cat Realm has a speshul purresent for Mommy ML! I fink Ruis is a lil upset that he didn't know bout it tho.

I fink that they's not sayin somefin ofur at Mind of Mog. Maybe they's partied out already.

Ivy hasn't been feelin so good, but she's still hangin in ofur at StrangeRanger. Maybe sum purrthday cake would cheer her up.

Cheysuli n Gemini n fambly are Thankful for furriends this week especially, for bein there when Georgia hadta go to tha Bridge.

China Cat SAYS it's a not so easy Sunday, but we fink her helpin is makin it lots easy for her staffpurrson. Rite?

Willow, on the other paw, is helpin the staffpurrson wif budgeting. Gotta make sure there's green papers for foodz!

Stop by The Meezers for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos too! They's donatin $2 to ML's Charlie Cat's ginormous v-e-t bills for efurry entry, so go 'head and enter nows, they don mind! Dat's a good purrthday purresent for ML, and we CB cats does more here too! Yoo can also help wif a dollar or two if yoo cans and wants.

Fanks for comin to this edishun of the Carnival of the Cats! The carnival stops in Vienna, Austria next week wif Kashim, Othello and Salome. See yoo there!

Alla Us Hotties

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House
PeeEss. We will add more kitties who come to tha Carnival this evenin too!



What a beautiful carnival... I's fink tha singing kitties set tha theme purrfectly.
Just another gorgeous carnival by tha Hotties, no one, but no one, does CotC like tha Hotties.
Love & Purrs,
Tha tents will be up and tha party will go on all thru da week so all cats can pawty too!
Samantha & Mom said…
Whoo!! Hoo!! You guys are the Bomb!! We are up to THoe!! And Food!! Hey Maverick wanna play THOE, too? (((((((HUGS from our house to yours!!!))))
Your (slowly drying out) FL furiends,
Elin said…
Cool PArty!
Love the song!

happy birthday!!
Victor Tabbycat said…
Wow whata pawrty! Did I spill da wagon? LOL Purrs to Mom Robyn fur hostin! And hugs, acourse!
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