Pawty time Comin!

Do yoo like my sombrayroh?

There's a #pawpawty comin this weekend! It's a Cinco de Mayo pawty on Twitter for kitties and other critters. That's whyI gots my sombrayroh on! I's ready to pawty! Twitter pawties are chat pawties like our CB chatzy pawties. They's lots of fun. It starts at 2:00pm eastern daylite time (1pm central, noon mountain, 11am pacific). This pawty runs a whole 24 hours so's everycritter that wantsta pawty can come no matter where they is in the world.

It's not *just* a pawty. It's also a FUNdraiser for Margaret Green Animal Rescue in the UK. I's speshully a'cited cuz I's nefur goned to a FUNdraiser for a UK shelter. @FrugalDougal is hostin and he's got info bout the pawty and a link to the FUNdraiser at his bloggy and yoo can RSVP there on his sidebar too. Efun if yoo can't go to the pawty, consider gifin a dollar or two for this UK shelter pleez.

How do yoo go to a Twitter #pawpawty?

Some of my bloggin furriends has asked cuz they hasn't used Twitter a'fore. Well, here's how yoo can pawty!

Get reddy. Yoo can do this aheada time or on pawty day.
  1. REKWIRED Get yoreself a Twitter account at They's free.
  2. OPSHUNAL Dress up in a Cinco de Mayo outfit for yore Twitter profile pikshur. ( has sombrayrohs.)
  3. OPSHUNAL Send a twitter msg @EmmytheCat to tell her yoo got yore outfit on. (if yoo wants to enter the costoom contest or just fur fun.)
  4. OPSHUNAL RSVP to @FrugalDougal on TwitVite on the sidebar of his bloggy
  5. OPSHUNAL Follow pawty prize donors on Twitter so's yoo can win pawty purrizes. A list of donors is at Frugal Dougal's bloggy. (fanks @Petiethecat fur the tip!)
  6. OPSHUNAL Join Twibes and (follow the critters there on twitter is best) so's yoo can get updates on pawty stuff. (fanks @Emmythecat fur the tip).
Go to the pawty!
  1. To attend, when yoo send pawty tweet messages includin @replies put this hashtag in yore tweets: #pawpawty. Be sure to spells #pawpawty wif NO r's.
    It looks like dis when I do it: Woo hoo dis is a grate pawty! #pawpawty
    Dat's it. It's eezy!
Yoo can keep up wif just #pawpawty tweets a couplea eezy ways. Um, don't furget to login to twitter first tho :)

  1. Tweetdeck or anofur Twitter program that let's yoo search for #hashtags and keeps track of thems in a column. Then it's like a chatzy pawty purrty much.
  2. EAZIEST! Use yore browser to go to Tweet Grid and show the #pawpawty at this linky.
A'member, yoo can find info bout the pawty here and doughnate here.


That sounds like a lot more work than a chat room where I just go and log in... largely because the human hasn't figured out twitter, even using tweet deck.

Perhaps I shall have my own anniversary party... me and my ham?
Victor Tabbycat said…
It sounds harder dan it is. Maybe I should help Chey come to da #pawpawty. Wow, I's glad der's anofur one so soon! ::spin::
PS Sanjee, da link at da CB to get here is broked. You gotta sit on Mom Robyn to fix it rite.
Victor Tabbycat said…
Sanjee, don't ask me why, but da link to here on CB werks without the last / but not wif it. I's scratchin my head ofur dat one. No it is NOT a flea!
PB 'n J said…
Sounds like a lot of fun - we don't twitter yet but maybe we'll steal Mommy's account for the day :-)
Tuck said…
My mom is not on twitter yet. She says that she isn't interesting enough for it!
Robyn Harton said…
Fanks for lettin me knows, Victor! I's fixeded it!
Jasmim said…
You have a great hat ^^

Jas & Gi
I hope you have a lot of fun. Mom set up a Twitter account for me, but she found it so confusing and said that the CB and facebook were enough to keep up with.
We are going to try and come.We have never been to a Cinco De mayo pawty, sounds great.
The Island Cats said…
We're gonna come to the pawty! A lot of cats thinks it is not easy to go but it really is! We use TweetGrid to go to the pawty! We'll try to get a sambrero on. See you at the pawty, Sanjee...
my girlfriendcat is so much smarter than me OR my the mom. I's so happy to haf such a smart girlfriendcat!!

purrsss and nosekissies- yore boyfriendcat Miles
We're on twitter but we confused....we'll try to figure it out today to join the pawpawty!

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