No Skratchin Pawty!

We needs a paw! Mommy is hollerin bout her sticheys itchin and tryin not to skratch. We needs to sit on her hands so she won't do dat. Will yall furriends come help sum today? If yoo can't sit still long enuff to sit on her hands maybe yoo can distrakt her so she won't skratch? After our turns sittin on Mommy's hands (or distraktin) we can snax and haf a nap pile. And Pepi sez there will be a game of THoE for helpers too. Mini is gettin the snax togefur and sez there will be toona puffs and hams and fishies and fresh milk and runnin water and temtayshuns and all sortsa ofur snax. We'll make it a no skratchin pawty!

Come on ofur when yoo can!
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House


WooHoo! Party time!! We are on our way for THoE and NO SCRATCHING!
The Island Cats said…
We'll be over to help! We love a good pawty!!
we's on our way ofur right now!!!!
Rusty said…
I'm on my way over. I do a good job of sitting on hands, I sit on my Mom's hands all the time and then she can't move them.
Milton said…
Any reason is a good reason for a party. I'll be right over.

PS mine mombean sez that an ice pack is good to help keep the ichies away from the icky itches.
Daisy said…
Harley and I want to help, too!
We will be right over. Fenris is so large he can sit on both her hands at one time and he is so funny she will be too busy laughing to think about itching. Us cats will take our turns too. Mommy said to tell your Mom she hopes she feels better soon. ~S,S,C & F
We'll be right over! Speedy (all 18 pounds of him) will sit on yoor mom's hands fur HOURS, cuz he's kinda lazy and once he gets comfy is kinda hard to move. Sadie, on da other paw, will keep her hands bizzy wif rubbing and brushing. If yoo need to distract her Sadie's talented tail can tickle her face. We'd be happy to help out.
Sitting on hands and playing THoE! We are SO there!
Well we'll send Cheysuli. There's no way she can move with that tub of lard on top of her hands...
Max said…
I am going to sit on the back of the chair behind her head, and flick my tail into her ear. She'll be so preoccupied with that that she won't even think about her itchies.
We would be glad to help,we'll be over soon.
Edsel/The Pooch said…
i hope it's not too late to come over 'cause i'm on my way. can't wait to see you all!!!
Tuck said…
I'm on my way over!!
Samantha & Mom said…
We are here!! Mom has been busy all day!! She says Dad needs a weekend job so she can get stuff done, 'cause he is always roping her into helping him!! We like THoE!!! And we can take turns sitting on your Mom's hands!
Your FL furiends,
and Maverick
Hi Pepi sweetie! Me and Sam and Simon will be right over! Do you think if I gave Mom Robyn lotsa kissies (I am a kissing fool) that it would distract her for a while? Oh, I will of course give you kissies too ... hee hee! Sam and Simon will take turns sitting on her hands and then we all will play THoE!
Headbumpies to my handsome boyfriendcat,
Oh here Min. I'll helps sits on yer momee. Of course I canz bring da other kitteez too. Delilah wayz 16 poundz, so dats should be a BIG help!
Itchy stitcheez meanz your momee iz gettin' better!!!
I'll bring oevfr a one ton ham fur us all to snax on.
Kissez, Dr TWeety
PS: Da MAxi iz tankin' you frum da bottom of hiz heart cuz you hottiez & your momee purred non stop!!!
Whoooo hoooo, tha Sherwood Bunch is here... all SEVEN of us.
What a grrreat idea, a Mom Robyn Party.
Just Ducky said…
I am on my way, she can scratch me! Or maybe she needs to learn to crow-shy to give her something to do with her hands.
It's a little late in the day, but maybe we can take the night shift! We'd love to help out and if there's snax right there!
Chesney Cats said…
We'd like to help Shaggy, Scooby & Scout with the night shift!

We had to distract Mama when she had her knee surgeries awhile back. She said those stitch itchies bout drove her crazy!! We say it was a very short drive.....
Fanks for stopping by and letting us
nose about the itchin party. We all
need a little fun wit our fur friends! Spooky Do & family :)

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