Wordy Wednesday

Phew. That was SOME party for St Patty's Day. Fanks yall for coming and sharing goodies! And whoever furgotted the green corset can pik it up under the couch in the livin room. We didn't want ta worry the beans by leaving it out.

And fanks to our furriends who's given us awards. We want to get them up, but we're having sekretary problems again. Now that she's starting to get rid of the Alien Donkey, she's trying to catch up on werk. And that still leaves us with no sekretary. *sigh* But we's going to post our grate awards soon as we pawsibly can. Fanks lots and lots!

And Whoa! This weekend is FIVE whole years of Carnival of the Cats! Ain't that great?!?!? Well, the Meowers of Death are hosting CotC and have decided to give away purrizes! Isn't that awesome? We fink so! All you have to do to enter for purrizes is enter one of your posts into the Carnival this weekend. Easy peezy! Go see the Meowers of Death and find out more and go enter! Can't hurt!

Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Thanks for hiding my green corset. I wouldn't want to be embarassed!
Thank you for hosting such a fun party. I hope you all are resting up.
Skeezix the Cat said…
Happy St Patrik's Day, Hotties!!!! We've bin lissening to Gaylick Storm all day!
That was a great party, we enjoyed ourselves. Um, does a certain somecat have a Guinness hangover today?
Elin said…
I just want to drop u a smile (^^,)
::peeks in:: MILES?? Is you still here? we's just wondering, 'acause if you is, can we haf your foods for today? - Sammy

Great party guys - we had a BALL!!!!
Well, we can't blame Sweet Praline fur taking off dat dang corset...all dat Guinness ya know. We still haf a little bit of da "greens" today, um, maybe we shouldn't haf had all dem drinks mixed together? Naw, dat can't be it.
BURP... Okay I think...
Sunny's Mommy said…
That's good news your Mommy is finally starting to feel better :-)

I wonder who left behind the green corset? Sweet Praline?? :-0
Us4 Cats said…
we4 just stoppn by to say hi.
green corset? dang! sounds like we missed a good one. we fink it's time fur mom to get off her duff an' help us bloggify some more!!

glad to hear that yer mom's feelin' improved!!
Great parties leave a few off things behind... MOL!
The Creek Cats said…
Thanks so much for the Gotcha Day wishes for Rams!

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