Thurday 13

Thirteen Reasons Not to Jump On Mom's Lap When Gree Is In The Lap
by Mini
  1. Gree is lumpy.
  2. She howls.
  3. She wriggles.
  4. She bites.
  5. It wakes up Boni who comes running.
  6. It disturbs Mom.
  7. It's hard to bite the bitey sisfur when you're butt is hanging off the lap.
  8. Mom tries to scrape you off the lap.
  9. The lap shakes and wiggles.
  10. Mom screeches when her hand gets bit by accident.
  11. You don't get to stay in the lap in spite of all your trouble.
  12. Gree gets to stay in the lap AND gets all the sympathy.
  13. Mom is embarassing, telling Grandma Cat that yall bit her.*
Definitely not worth bothering with. Next time I'll wait til the lap is empty.

Mini luvs foods

Pee Ess. Ok, I admit it. Mom didn't blame anycat and said she was stoopid to stick her hand in the middle of a cat fight. Still. It's embarassing she goes around telling Grandma and beans that we bit her.
Pee Pee Ess. Oh, Mom sez to tell you so you won't worry. It's not a bad bite at all, and not getting infected, just sore because it's between two knuckles. I guess that's like if you got bit between the pawpads or something.


Us4 Cats said…
does there need to be a family meeting to discuss time limits and sharing of the lap? or perhaps you can each get you own leg but that means hanging off the side and that wont do!! need more laps in da house.
Baby Patches said…
Sounds likes mom's lap is the place you all want to be. We loves to lay with the momma so I gets where you are coming from.
Oh Mini, it sucks when ya gotta wait fur a lap...if yoo came here yoo can get Speedy to move when yoo want da lap. He's easy...
Motor Home Cats said…
We are going thru something like that right now. Gracie wants to be by Mom, but doesn't trust anyone else all the way yet, so she gets all growly and hissy when we want Mom time. Fortunately, Mom gives her a time out or puts her on her quadrant of the bed and cuddles us.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Sounds like lap time is a hot commodity. I'm the only lap cat here now, and Ash is happy just to lay with the staff when they are laying down.

Sarah Coggins said…
Mom's laps are the best, aren't they? Great list, Mini! Hope your Mom's bite heals quickly. :)

My Thursday 13 is up here.
our the mom is trying to lose her lap but it's not big enough to begin wif!!!!

Deer Sanjee- want to come ofur and snuggle in the tent and lissen to the rain? - purrsss ands nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Zeus said…
Gah! Never bite the hand that feeds you! Hope your hand feels better soon, Black Cat Mom!
Elin said…
Try until u reach the lappy!!

Just want to let u know that our furriend Cal from the Creek Cats went to the bridge just now.. :(

Let us purrs for his family~
The Creek Cats said…
Thank you so much for your kind words and for lighting a candle for Cal. That means so much to us.
Anonymous said…
There never seems to be quite enough lap to go around, does there?
Jasmim said…
hehehehe ... is better to avoid it =x

Jas & Gi.
That is the one thing we will not do. We hunt, sleep and play together, but no way will we share a lap.
Just Ducky said…
Owww! BTW has the alien donkey gone yet? Is your mum going to get her surgery soon?
Oh my goodness!! We are glad your Mom is okay!! Is Gree the primo lap kitty! (((((hugs from all of us!!!)))
Your FL furiends,
and Maverick
Victor Tabbycat said…
Oops! Sounds like Cat Stacking: Fail. Maybe Gree was inbisibul an dat's why you didn't see her.
I'm glad that your mom's bite isn't too bad. Looks like you kitties need to get a signal for when it's time to change laptime!
Everycat said…
Ach, we know about the lap overload here too. The thing to do is to encourage the humans to eat many more fuuds, so their laps get much bigger (and softer) and more cats can sit on the lap at once.

Hope the bitey holes heal up fast!

Whicky Wuudler

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