Mancat Mousie Winner Monday

I think we're in trouble now. Mom has decided that SHE is going to twitter. Yeah, we follow her. We have to. We have to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble. If you can help keep an eye on her, that would be great. I mean, we have to nap sometime!

But guess what! We are winners! Well, we're always winners of course. But we won something! Yeah! We won one of the PetSmart gift cards at the When Cats Attack 5 year anniversary of Carnival of the Cats celebration. Woo hoo! Our organic crunchies come from PetSmart, so Mom is happy about that. And we're happy to win, that's like weird and great. Did you win? There are 4 other winners too, check it out.

Another stoopid mouse came in the house last night. Once. It won't come back again. Me and Gree hunted it down and no more mouse. Ok, Gree did most of the hunting. I just played with it a little. Grandma Cat threw the carcass outside. I was a little annoyed about that because I wanted to have a snack. Oh well. Good thing we have plenty of crunchies.

Sanjee says to remember to stop by the Tuxedo Gang Hideout 2nd Blogoversary party. There's lots of foods. (Ok, I've done my brotherly thing for today.)

Oh, and stop by and give purrs and purrayers for Kimo and Miss Peach and dang, all our furriends who need them.

(Can I have treats now??? Or maybe a fresh mouse???)

your bud Pepi
Pepi, Mancat of the House


Well at least twitter doesn't take as much time as facebook. I think it can take more though if your person figures it out! YUCK!
Thoughts said…
Good job teaching that mouse whose boss around that house!!

We will have to stop by all the places you recommend!

Theodore and Sasha
Deer Sanjee

Can I come to the tuxedo gang party too? I'm not a tuxie. purrssss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Hey Pepi, man, dood, mom beans always do dat, toss da mousies. Dey're weerd dat way. Speedy started us on twitter! He don't update a lot but it's fun when something is going on. Dey haf parties der, maybe yoor mom will let yoo go to a party der sometime. We hardly get any online time now cuz mom is gone all morning den she comes home and gets all crabilated dat dad made a mess.
Hey Pepi - good job with the mouse. You have to keep in mind Twitter is good because you will know when she is out if she is headed home, so you can get the house in order and look like sweet little angels! She'll never be able to catch you doing anything bad ever again!
Misha said…
The humans often give up on Twitter when they realise their cats have more followers than them!
Good teamwork with the mousie. We do that too. I catch and Eric would eat it if mum didn't throw it away first.
Concatulations to all of you Hotties on winning the Petsmart gift card, that is soooo cool ... organic crunchies will abound! And Gree and Pepi, you are so awesome to make that mouse dead so Mom and Grandma Cat don't have to worry about it! We think we would opt for the treats instead of mousie carcass though ... yuckos!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Pepi, I am on my way there to lay on the gizzy with you by the fire, that sounds just heavenly! Do you think you could sneak a few treats for us too? Hee hee!
Hugs and kissies to my handsome mancat,
The Island Cats said…
First Twitter...what's next??? We've kept our mom away from both so far....

Congrats on winning that gift card and catching that mouse! That's purrty sweet!
Mousies? If I come over with Jack, you think they're be another one? We have no mousies and I think I'm outta practice!

Millie said…
Good job with the mouse. Sorry you didn't get to eat any. Concats on winning the contest.
mog said…
Concatulaltions on winning the contest and on getting that mousie dead. Too bad you didn't get to snack on it thou. Temptations taste better anyway, go for them next time.
Congrats on winning the gift card, that's pretty sweet.Good job on the mousing too.
Ya shoulda been allowed to snack on the mousie, but, well, the catchin IS the funnest part. So catchin it an get treats after aint so bad...
Elin said…
Congratulation to u!
Sunny's Mommy said…
Congratulations on your win, and good job taking care of the stupid mousie :-D

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