Mancat Monday

It's very mancatly to make your human work for you. So I made Mom work for me this morning. Kashim and Othello needed a hand with the M-Cats Club badges because their Momma Astrid is crazy bizzy at work. So I made Mom help do them. It felt very mancatly, I tell you. And the new badges are done too. I'll just make her help out when Momma Astrid is crazy bizzy with work. Hope Mom doesn't mind. But even if she does... hahaha!

Mancat Lesson of the day: Sometimes you just have to make your humans do things for you. Opposable thumbs are handy, yanno.

your bud Pepi
Pepi, Mancat of the House


yeah, try that wif our mom. she's lazy.

Deer Sanjee - does you want to come ofur and watch the SNOW? - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Yeah um sure. Maybe I need a mancat around here because there ain't no way my human is doing anything right now... She has one more day of covering (for a different practitioner) and then she's back... I hope.
Luzinha said…
I think this blog is totally amazing! oh, MY! what a beautiful cats we have here! you're cute ones! all of you!


all the best! kisses for you all!
Yoo da mancat Pepi. Speedy only makes mom do stuff fur him...
jenianddean said…
Good job keeping your Mom busy!
The Creek Cats said…
That is a great lesson, Pepi! Taught by a very manly mancat! :)
Sunny's Mommy said…
That's right, Pepi ;-)
Susie said…
Whut earthquake??? HEHEHE! It wuz 2+ hrs south of us - we didn't feel a thing.

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