Happy and Sad

We's happy cuz Auntie Stinkie doesn't have heart failure and is doing better. And Miss Peach is feeling a lil better. Yay!

Then our eyes started leaking cuz Rabbie Burns didn't make it :(

Some days are kinda mixed up. We'll purr lots for our friends to be well and for famblies of furriends who went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Right after our naps. Cept those of us who can purr in their sleep. We'll start that now.

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Jans Funny Farm said…
Yes, some days are mixed. Laughter to tears.
Elin said…
Take care friends~


purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs from me in Malaysia~
Yes it has been a very emotional week here in the blogosphere... and we are getting caught up all at once.
Purring in yoor sleep is a good skill...happy and sad seem to go together a lot.
The Creek Cats said…
We are so happy to learn that Auntie Stinkie and Miss Peach are feeling better, but are very very sad to learn of Rabbie Burns passing on to the bridge. Our thoughts and purrs are with his family and friends.
Sunny's Mommy said…
It's so sad when a friend goes to the bridge :(

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