Grandma Cat is Sneaky

Boni Maroni: She was sooooooo nice to put butter on her finger for me to lick. Right up until she shoved me in the PTU. Then she did the same thing to Mini! THEN she took us in the monster with wheels to the v-e-t! Yesterday was not a great day.

Boni Maroni: Dr Z, who's pretty nice, even if he is a v-e-t, says we're both doing good. I'm 11.4 lbs and Mini is 13.3 lbs. I'm not sure why they put us on a cold metal thing to figure that out. We already knew Mini is fatter. That's because she's a moocher. I think Dr. Tweety likes plump girlkitties, though, so it's ok.

Mini: Boni. Of course I'm fatter. I wouldn't want to be all skinny like you! Dr. Tweety would worry.

Boni Maroni: I am not skinny. I'm svelte. Dr Z said I was skinny as a stick of macaroni when I weight 6 lbs but I'm a good size cat now. So there.

Mini: Hmph. Well Grandma was worried you're too skinny.

Boni Maroni: That's just because you're so fat, Mini. It makes me look skinnier. Anyways, Dr Z says we're both healthy. Except Mini had some tartar on two back teeth. Probably from sauce with the fish she eats cuz she eats so much. Whenever she can.

Mini: Well I don't want to starve and get all skinny like you!

Boni Maroni: But he was able to get it off easy, so she doesn't have to have her teeth done or anything like that. Then he got mean and STABBED us! And I got stabbed twice!

Mini: Well getting stabbed once was bad enough.

Boni Maroni: Ok, I'll agree to that.

Mini: I layed around most of the day acting pitiful. I got lots of treats out of it. hehe

Boni Maroni: I'm not surprised.

Boni Maroni: Anyway, if Grandma Cat comes near you with butter on her fingers, run for the hills. That is NOT safe butter.

Mini: It was tasty butter, though.

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foods

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oh no, and you didn't even pee on the v-e-t? well, mommy says that's a good thing.

but butter is yummy.

Sanjee is still over at our place - but please efurryone come ofur and DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear your both well :)
The butter thing was very sneaky. Fortunately I know better and if I see the carrier thing I just run and run and run...
Butter? Oh, we love butter. We don't even get tricked wif butter to go to da vet, mom just grabs us and crams us in da PTU! Mini, we is impressed wif yoor size...
Jans Funny Farm said…
Poor Miles. We hope he's going to be okay. It's tough to manage when his dad is out of work and he's sick.

Glad you two are okay.
That wasn't fair tricking you with butter. We don't get butter or anything. We just get stuffed in before we know what's happening.
butter on the fingers - have to remember that
glad y'all are healthy!
The Crew said…
Boni, I'm skinner than you. I only weigh 8 lb.

Your friend
Sunny's Mommy said…
So that's why butter is not good for you! I didn't know that.

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