Lookie at my Quilt I gotted for Chrissymouse! Did I show it to yoo? Roxy's Mommy maded it just for ME!

Here is Grandma Cat showin it off for me at Chrissymouse.
(She's taller so she can hold it up better.)

Pepi sez that it's Grandma Cat's quilt, but I knows better. After all, it sez wif luv Mommy rite there on it, so it must be mine. rite? A course it is. Maybe Miles would like to come ofur and snuggle wif me in my big colorful quilt.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty'

Um, Sanjee, you forgot to mention how Mom is and cats keep asking. Mom has to go back to the doctor today. Her bronk-eye-tis is still making her honk like a mad donkey and it's messing her knee up. She says she didn't know that bronk-eye-tis could make your knee hurt, but it does. What Mom? Oh. Having to sleep sitting up can make your knee hurt really, really bad again when it's already got a torn thingo in it. So anways, watch out for bronk-eye-tis making your knees hurt, folks. Her bronk-eye-tis infection is gone, now she just has az-matic bronk-eye-tis. Apparently the first kind makes you cough colored stuff and the other kind doesn't. I don't think I want either kind. Mom says to tell you all THANKS LOTS for all the purrs and purrayers tho and she purromises (this century? yeah right!) that she'll help us visit more when she can get rid of the donkey honking. Purrrrrrrs, the Pepster


Deer Sanjee, I's on my way ofur to snuggle in the big quilt!! YAY!! - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Thoughts said…
What a nice quilt! It looks soft and cozy!

hey we left you something over at our blog guys, come and check it out!


Theodore and sasha
Oh that is a lovely quilt. Is it making her warm when she sleeps sitting up and hurting her knee?

I hope she gets to feeling better. That just doesn't sound good at all. I hope she gets better before her surgeon comes back from New Zealand...
mog said…
Sanjee, share the nice quilt with your mom. Sounds like she needs it and needs lots of purrs and nosekisses to help her get over her bronchitis. Still purraying and purrrrrrrrring for her.

Miz Mog and Meowza
Anonymous said…
That's a very beautiful quilt.Hope your mom feels better real soon(hugs).
Country Cats said…
What a beautiful quilt! That bronk-eye-tis that your Mommy has sounds awful. We would not want to honk like donkeys. That is not a good sound. We will keep purring for her REAL HARD.
That is a lovely quilt.
We hope your mum's bronk-eye-tis soon goes away. We know what you are going through with the braying donkey cuz our mum gets it too and keeps us awake. We hope she is all better when her doctor comes back from NZ so he can get her knee all mended.
Sunny's Mommy said…
That's not good that your Mommy still has bronchitis, even though it's a different kind now. I'm sorry it's making her knee hurt worse, too. Your Mommy needs a break from all these things, and to get better!!

PS: Beautiful quilt, Sanjee. Yep, that's yours!
Nina Torbie said…
Oh, Sanjee, of course it's YOUR quilt! Beans don't appreciate bedding the way we do. Um, I was coughing yesterday but my knees don't hurt. Do you think I might have bronk-eye-tis? Where ARE my knees, anyway? Oh, this is very confusing. When in doubt, purr.
Purr, purr, purr!
Jans Funny Farm said…
Get well, mom Robyn!
Parker said…
How beautiful!
I hope your Mommy feels better soon!
The Devil Dog said…
Uh, it ISN'T your quilt, but I won't argue with you. Mom says she loves the photos of your mom opening the quilt. They're great. We hope your mom feels better soon. No more aching knee or honking coughing.

Oh no, how do yoo guys get any rest when yoor mom is honking like a donkey? ::what mom?:: Oh, yeah, of course we feel bad fur Mom Robyn, dat's gotta suck. Our mom sez she hopes yoo is feeling lots better real soon...we hope so too. Kitties need der sleep...hehehe
Karen Jo said…
I hope that Mom Robyn gets well very soon, so she can sleep lying down and give her knee the rest it needs. That's a beautiful quilt, Sanjee. I think you should share it with your Mom.
Samantha & Mom said…
Wow! What a beautiful quilt Sanjee!! Don't the beans know that everything in the house is ours!! Purrrrs and healing vibes to Mom Robyn!! We sure hope her Dr. gets home soon so she can get her knee fixed! (((((hugs)))))
Your FL furiends,
christy said…
we're still purrin' for mom robyn!

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