Crappity Crap

The donkey has taken ofur Mommy big again. She's possessed by it bad. She was gettin Better but dat didn't stop the donkey. It's not ascairt of Better. But I'm starting to get ascairt of the yellow and green goo comin out of her. What if it attacks me? It must be an alien! An alien donkey! (Hellllllllp Sammmmmmmy!)

The alien donkey is makin her very very cranky. And she's gotta go find Aunty Biotiks again to try to KILL it. How do I knows? Cuz she's cussin at it and threatenin to KILL it. And then it makes her coff up more green and yeller goo in re-tally-ashun. Be veddy veddy kwiet or yoo might get BIT by the alien donkey too.

The battle of Mommy and the Alien Donkey. I sure hope Mommy wins!!!

I may hafta move out ofur at Mileses house til the alien donkey loses and leafs tho. I am ascairt of it. If yoo can't find me heer, I'll be ofur there. But don't tell the alien donkey.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess to Sammy Meezer. If yoo come to fite the alien donkey, just lissten and yoo'll heer where it is cuz of how loud it makes donkey sounds.


Oh noes...and we hear dat donkeys kick really hard too! We'z been hearing lots of bad words because mom can't fix da puter and dad is mad dat effury time he tries to do something it sez his page can't be displayed...she is even threatening to call Jeff to fix it.
Oh no! Donkeys can be very stubborn sometimes.
When mum had a donkey the same thing happened to her and she had to get different Auntie's Biotiks.
We hope your mum can get rid of that donkey once and for all.
Jans Funny Farm said…
Blogger wiped out our comment again. A "duplicate." WEll, we only left ONE, or tried to.

We are trying to tell you your comment button is nearly impossible to find. It is white and runs into the beginning of your post. We really had to look for it!!!

Hope your mom gets better soon so she can help you slay the donkey.
Robyn Harton said…
Jan, it looks fine cuz it's all in the blue part here. But a'course our blog is sayin we need to log in efun tho we's logged in. We fink Dread Pirate Blogger is on the loose agin. Fooey. Its a'lated to the alien donkey, I fink!
I's on my way ofur Sanjee. Pepi and I should be able to take care of the alien donkey. Miles is 'spekting you ofur at our house. Hey, does you think your mommy will notice that we swapped houses??

Oh no! If the donkey is being that mean, is it making her knee hurt worser too because of the way her body moves when she does the donkey thing? That is horrible. I hope she gets better soon.
Carolina Cats said…
Oh, pore Mom Robyn! We hope the donkey goo stops soon. And we reely reely hope the knee gets better too.

Finny Buddy & Jazzy
Anonymous said…
"Oh No" the alien donkey is bad I hope it leaves your mom alone soon.

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